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Amassed chairs and tables on a terrace are secured behind a barrier tape during a new lockdown to fight the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic, in Salzburg, Austria, on January 4, 2021. - Austria's government on January 4, 2021 effectively extended its third coronavirus lockdown, scrapping a proposal that would have allowed citizens to access some services if they took part in a mass-testing programme. The country's current lockdown is scheduled to run until January 24. (Photo by BARBARA GINDL / APA / AFP) / Austria OUT

Janvier qui rit, janvier qui pleure

Luxembourg par Patrick JACQUEMOT 4 min. 05.01.2021

2021 devrait impacter votre portefeuille

Luxembourg par Anne-Sophie de Nanteuil 9 min. 31.12.2020
TOPSHOT - Protesters throw an earth-shaped ball during the "Global Strike For Future" demonstration in Stockholm on May 24, 2019, a global day of student protests aiming to spark world leaders into action on climate change. - In a shift since the last European Parliament elections, mainstream parties have adopted climate change as a rallying cry -- spurred in part by a wave of student strikes. A Eurobarometer poll shows climate change is now a leading concern for European Union voters, not far behind economic issues and rivalling worries about migration. (Photo by Jonathan NACKSTRAND / AFP)

Ces bonnes nouvelles passées inaperçues en 2020

Luxembourg 5 par Anne-Sophie de Nanteuil 7 min. 29.12.2020
This picture taken in Paris on December 22, 2020 shows a Christmas Santa Claus decoration, with a protective mask. (Photo by JOEL SAGET / AFP)
An empty classroom in a primary school in Eichenau near Munich, southern Germany, is pictured on December 18, 2020, amid the ongoing novel coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. - Long held up as a European success story in the fight against the pandemic, Germany has been hit hard by a second coronavirus wave that has brought record daily infection numbers and deaths. Crisis talks between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and regional leaders saw the country return to a partial lockdown on Wednesday, December 16, 2020, shutting schools and non-essential shops in addition to the existing restrictions, until at least January 10, 2021. (Photo by Christof STACHE / AFP)

Cinq choses qui changent dans la vie scolaire

Luxembourg par Patrick JACQUEMOT 5 min. 22.12.2020
Lokales,Neue Tramlinie Bahnhof Gare.Öffentlicher Transport,Micro Trottoir,Foto: Gerry Huberty/Luxemburger Wort
Lok , Testphase Tram , Tram bis zum Bahnhof , Luxtram , Oeffentlicher Transport , bd Royal Foto:Guy Jallay/Luxemburger Wort

Le tram nouveau est arrivé

Luxembourg par Dominique NAUROY 13.12.2020
TOPSHOT - The sun sets behind smoke rising from the LyondellBasell-Houston Refining plant in Houston, Texas, on April 20, 2020. - US oil prices crashed to unprecedented lows on April 20 as futures in New York ended in negative territory for the first time amid a devastating supply glut that has forced traders to pay others to take the crude off their hands. (Photo by Mark Felix / AFP)

Tout, tout, tout sur la taxe CO2

Luxembourg par Patrick JACQUEMOT 7 min. 01.12.2020
So sieht das Areal aus der Luftperspekptive aus.
Lok , Coronavirus , Sars-CoV-2 , Covid-19, Xavier Bettel und Paulette Lenert besuchen Hopital Kirchberg , Hopitaux Robert Schuman , Mundschutz , Foto:Guy Jallay/Luxemburger Wort

Xavier Bettel joue gros cette semaine

Luxembourg par Patrick JACQUEMOT 8 min. 23.11.2020

Des soignants «à la limite de leurs capacités»

Luxembourg 3 par Jean-Michel HENNEBERT 3 min. 19.11.2020
wohnungskrise:Wie eine famillie auf der strasse landete Famille Carmen Lima Photo ©Christophe Olinger
Politik, Presskonferenz, Covid-19, Claude Meisch und Paulette Lenert. Foto: Chris Karaba/Luxemburger Wort

Les quatre vérités de Paulette Lenert sur le masque

Luxembourg par Patrick JACQUEMOT 4 min. 10.11.2020
Lok , Coronavirus , Sars-CoV-2 , Covid-19, Xavier Bettel und Paulette Lenert besuchen Hopital Kirchberg , Hopitaux Robert Schuman , Wartesaal Urgence , Distanz , Foto:Guy Jallay/Luxemburger Wort

Entre les lignes du changement de cap sanitaire

Luxembourg par Patrick JACQUEMOT 8 min. 25.10.2020
Politik,  Xavier Bettel , Lage der Nation, Déclaration sur la politique générale du gouvernement, État de la Nation, Foto: Chris Karaba/Luxemburger Wort

Ce que révèlent les mots du Premier ministre

Luxembourg par Jean-Michel HENNEBERT 15.10.2020
Lokales, Weiterverfolgung Arbeiten Tram mit Xavier Bettel, Lydie Polfer, Francois Bausch, André Von der Marck, Chantier, Luxtram,  Foto: Chris Karaba/Luxemburger Wor

Ce nouveau tramway nommé désir

Luxembourg par Patrick JACQUEMOT 4 min. 03.10.2020