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Lokales, Hitze, Sommer, Sonne, Foto: Lex Klern/Luxemburger Wort
Staatsbegräbnis Großherzog Jean, funérailles Grand-Duc Jean. Kathedrale, Ausgang des Sarges des Sarges vorbei an der Großherzoglichen Familie,Großherzog Henri , Foto: Guy Wolff/ Luxemburger Wort
TOPSHOT - Firefighters douse flames rising from the roof at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15, 2019. - A major fire broke out at the landmark Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris sending flames and huge clouds of grey smoke billowing into the sky, the fire service said. The flames and smoke plumed from the spire and roof of the gothic cathedral, visited by millions of people a year, where renovations are currently underway. (Photo by Bertrand GUAY / AFP)
Waldhaff , Militärlager Armee  , Explosion Munition , 2 Tote , 2 Verletzte , Foto:Guy Jallay/Luxemburger Wort
OGB-L: Streik des Pflegepersonals im Alten- und Pflegeheim "an de Wisen" in Bettemburg / Foto: Alain PIRON
81% des députés participeront dimanche aux élections communales.
Les dégâts sont énormes dans le Mullerthal
Le Grand-Duc Henri et la Grande Duchesse Maria Teresa arrivent au Palais de l'Elysée avec le Président Francais Emmanuel Macron et son épouse Brigitte Macron, à Paris, France, le 19 Mars 2018 . Photo: Chris Karaba
A member of Switzerland's women's ice hockey team practices at the Kwandong Hockey Centre prior to the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games on February 8, 2018 in Gangneung, South Korea. / AFP PHOTO / Brendan Smialowski
(FILES) This file photo taken on April 13, 2017 shows a combination of file pictures created on April 13, 2017 of the eleven candidates approved to run for French president as announced by the Constitutional Council on March 18. From Top L to bottom R arranged in alphabetical order : far-left Lutte Ouvriere (LO) party Nathalie Arthaud, Popular Republican Union (UPR) party Francois Asselineau, Solidarite et Progres (Solidarity and Progress) party Jacques Cheminade, right-wing Debout la France (DLF) party Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, right-wing Les Republicains (LR) party Francois Fillon, left-wing French Socialist (PS) party Benoit Hamon, independent candidate Jean Lassalle, far-right Front National (FN) party Marine Le Pen, En Marche ! movement Emmanuel Macron, far-left coalition La France insoumise Jean-Luc Melenchon and far-left New Anticapitalist Party (NPA) Philippe Poutou.
The 11 presidential election candidates will take part in a final tv show on April 20, 2017 in Paris. / AFP PHOTO / JOEL SAGET AND Eric FEFERBERG
Les 10 premiers radars sont opérationnels depuis le 16 mars 2016 au Luxembourg.