Ready for giant flashmob to end Games of the Small States of Europe?

Rehearsal planned for Friday June 31, before the event on June 1 !

Place d'Armes flshmob that took place earlier this year
Place d'Armes flshmob that took place earlier this year
Photo: Marc Wilwert

(ADW) For the Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) there are not just sporting events planned but also a giant flashmob next to the Coque sports arena on June 1 with a rehearsal in the evening on Friday May 31.

The Ministry of Culture, the Coque, the European Institute for Choral Songs (INECC) and the local band "Dream Catcher" have all teamed up to help create the giant flashmob as part of the GSSE festival when the games close on June 1. The aim is to get as many people together as possible, more than has ever been done before in Luxembourg.

Although much is being kept secret, as it wouldn’t be a flash mob if we knew all the details, it is already known that everyone taking part will be singing. A song will be especially composed for the occasion, the reason why “Dreamcatcher" and INECC will be organising the event. Rumour has it that a short snippet of the song is due to be released soon

  • Rehearsal Friday May 31 at 6:30pm

A rehearsal is planned the day before the big event, on Friday 31 May at 6:30pm  at the Amphitheater next to the Coque Arena. All are welcome!

How to take part

  • You can enroll by sending an email with your details to: