Luxembourger wins Müllerthal Ultratrail with new record

Sven Remakel, winner of the 20117 Müllerthal Ultratrail.
Sven Remakel, winner of the 20117 Müllerthal Ultratrail.
Photo: Christian Kemp

Sven Remakel won the Müllerthal Ultratrail on Saturday. 

On the longest route of the second edition of the Ultratrail (112 km), the Luxembourger ultimately won against the German Matthias Krah. The third place went to Olivier Lentz. 

Last year, Remakel came third, after being beaten by Garry Assel. The Luxembourgish long-distance specialist did not participate in the Müllerthal race this year, as he was taking a breather following his participation in the Mont Blanc Ultratrail.

Remakel needed exactly eleven hours (and 35 seconds) for the mammoth distance of 112 km and was 17 minutes faster than Krah. In third place, Lentz took almost two and a half hours more to complete the track. 

Here are the winners for each category:

112 km (Men): Sven Remakel
79 km (Men): Tom Weyer
79 km (Women): Josephine Anselin
39 km (Men): Matthias Geistor
39 km (Women): Jessica Schaaf
18 km (Men): Raoul Bourkel
18 km (Women): Virginie Deleau

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