Marie Muller will carry Luxembourg flag at Olympics opening ceremony

Photo: LW Archive

(CS) Luxembourg was the last country to announce who would carry the flag at the London 2012 opening ceremony, but it has now been decided that judoka Marie Muller will do the honours.

With only nine athletes competing for the Grand Duchy, several of them might not be taking part in the athletes' procession as they will be preparing for their competitions on Saturday.

But not only was Muller available to take part in the ceremony, the honour of carrying the flag was also bestowed upon her for her “exemplary achievement” as Heinz Thews of the Luxembourg delegation explained.

However, the number of athletes taking part in the opening ceremony on July 27 has not yet been confirmed.

At the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing swimmer Raphael Stacchiotti carried the flag as Luxembourg's youngest Olympic athlete ever.