Grand Ducal visit for Luxembourg team at Olympic Village

Grand Duke Henri and family take a tour of  the London Olympic Village hosted by Luxembourg Olympians

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(ADW) Grand Duke Henri visited Luxembourg’s athlete contingent at the Olympic Village in London on Thursday. He was accompanied by Princess Alexandra, Prince Félix, Prince Louis and his wife Tessy. Crown Prince  Guillaume and his fiancée Stephanie joined later in the day.

The royal guests were welcomed by the Olympians Marie Muller, Nii Xia Lian, Carole Calmes, Laurent Carnol, Raphael Stacchiotti and Jeff Henckels.

Raphael Stacchiotti even took time to show the Grand Duke his brand new collection of eleven baseball caps. Hats he bought as part of his “retail therapy” to deal with his frustration of only just missing out on the  200m medley swimming finals by 11 hundredths of a second. Each cap representing a hundredth.