Nil-nil draw for Luxembourg-France in world cup qualifier

Luxembourg surprised everybody. 

After a 1-0 win on Thursday against Belarus, the Grand-Duchy's national football team drew nil-nil with France in Toulouse. 

74:26 per cent ball possession and 31: 3 shots for the French paint a clear picture, but Pogba, Mbappé and company just did not hit the goal. 

As expected, the vice-European champion, who won 4-0 against the Netherlands last Thursday, took control of the game from the start. France was on the ball almost all the time, got one opportunity after the other, but Luxembourg had a strong defence. With Philipps showing an especially strong performance.

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In the 40th minute, Griezmann had the best opportunity for the French in the match so far, but his free kick from 30 metres was diverted by goalkeeper Joubert onto the bar.

The same picture also emerged in the second half: Luxembourg was practically only defending, while the French constantly got better chances. But the Luxembourg team also became bolder and managed one or two counter-strikes that provided relief. 

Rodrigues then made the Luxembourg fans gasp when, in the 78th minute one of his counterattacks hit the post. 

After that, only France pressed on, but it was not enough.

The Luxembourg Sports Minister Romain Schneider also sent a congratulatory message to the team: "Le jour de gloire est arrivé – BRAVO Jongen!", using the first sentence of the French national anthem ("the day of glory has come") before congratulating the "boys". 

(Wort Staff)

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