Luxembourg Referendum 2015

Let the voting commence!

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Sunday was decision day for hundreds of thousands of Luxembourgers as they go to the polls for the country's fourth referendum.

Polling stations opened at 8am across the Grand Duchy where around 245,000 voters are expected to turn out and cast their votes on the three referendum questions.

The most divisive question, it would seem is the proposal to allow foreigners to vote in national elections provided they meet certain criteria.

These include a ten-year residency clause, having voted in either a communal or European election in Luxembourg and having registered to vote.

Currently, 46 percent of Luxembourg's resident population is composed of non-Luxembourg nationals, the highest proportion of any country in Europe.

If the proposal finds favour, it would mean a maximum 105,000 new voters would join Luxembourgers at the polls in future national elections.

Sunday's consultative referendum was called by Luxembourg's coalition government (composed of the DP, LSAP and déi Gréng parties).

The electorate has until 2pm on Sunday to cast their votes.

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