Luxembourg, 30 years from now

Finance Minister says foreigners to have vote

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Foreign nationals should be able to vote in national elections in Luxembourg within the next 15 years, Luxembourg's Finance Minister has suggested.

Pierre Gramegna made the bold prediction during the conferral of an honorary degree from the Sacred Heart University on Thursday.

“We will be successful in attracting high net worth individuals because foreigners will have voting rights in 2030 for sure. Most of this will happen this year, depending how the referendum goes,” he said, adding: “I tell you Luxembourg will still be one of the rare or only countries in the world where foreigners can participate in national elections.”

Gramegna made the comments as part of a series of predictions on what Luxembourg and the Minister of Economy would look like in 2030.

He joked that he would no longer be Finance Minister, because of plans to limit the duration of term a minister can hold post to 10 years.

But, he hoped to leave a good legacy for his successor, which he expected to be a woman.

“I hope that the budget passed in December will have worked well so we will have balanced the budget in 2030 so that Luxembourg won't have to borrow more money on the market. And, I hope that the sovereign fund will be full of money, replenished with billions of euros for the future generations.”

Gramegna was awarded Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, and is among 22 people to have received an honorary degree from Sacred Heart University John F Welch College of Business, Luxembourg.

Former University of Luxembourg rector Rolf Tarrach gave the presentation speech at the ceremony.

He said: “We will have a hard time finding next year a recipient with equal honesty, love for his country and intellectual brilliance as Pierre Gramegna.”

Sacred Heart University has had a presence in Luxembourg since 1991 and today offers a range of professional qualifications in English including the MBA. Located at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, it was the first university institution to be set up in Luxembourg.

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