Young royals to continue tour of cultural centres

Photo: John Lamberty

(CS) Luxembourg's Hereditary Grand Ducal couple Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie will continue their tour of regional cultural centres in the Grand Duchy.

Guillaume and Stéphanie have already visited the “Centre de Développement et d'Attraction” (CDA) in Mersch and Vianden.

Tuesday will take the young royals to the CDA in Echternach, where they will be greeted at the abbey and then move on to a local Lycée.

Guillaume and Stéphanie are also set to join the dancing procession of Echternach, before going on a tour of the town.

On Thursday, the Crown Prince and his wife will head to Redange sur Attert, where a visit to a local primary school and Lycée are part of the programme, as well as a visit to a care facility for senior citizens.

Guillaume and Stéphanie are scheduled to visit 15 regional centres in total before the end of the year.