Who are you voting for?

You have until 14th July to register to vote at your commune. Details on how are in the video.

The Expat Voting Issue event took place last week at Centre Culturel Paul Barblé in Strassen.

More than 160 people signed up for the event and many more turned up on the night proving that there is indeed an interest in voting in Luxembourg from the international community.

Wort.lu/en was of course present and the video above covers the event in detail.

The five main political parties were present at the event and were given 15 minutes to explain what their political party stands for, why should people vote for their political party and the party's spin on 4 or 5 issues that they think are important to the expat community.

Some great speeches were given, but could not all be squeezed into the video above, otherwise it would be as long as the event itself!

We thought it would be a shame to lose those speeches though. Therefore you can find the audio of each speech in their entirety below. If you missed the event, this gives you an ideal opportunity catch the speeches and hopefully learn more about the political parties in Luxembourg.

Remember: Next elections are on 9th October 2011, with the final registration date of 14th July. Register and make your vote count!

The complete speeches of the political parties: