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The most popular baby names in Luxembourg of 2015

The most popular baby names in Luxembourg in 2015 were Emma and Matteo
The most popular baby names in Luxembourg in 2015 were Emma and Matteo
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(SB/JB) Another year ends and another new baby name trends the crèches and playgrounds of the Grand Duchy.

Baby names in 2015 were caracterised by the classic names with Emma for girls coming out on top for the second year running.

It was closely followed by Julia, Marie, Lia and perhaps no surprise given Prince William's new baby, Charlotte was fifth most popular.

For boys, the most commonly given name was Matteo. It seems that names ending in -eo were all the rage as Theo and Leo also experiencd considerable popularity.

Louis and Noah, the names of Grand Duke Henri's two grandsons, continued to be popular among Luxembourg parents.

There was a clear trend in changing the spellings of traditional names in Luxembourg. For example there were more Niks (traditionally spelled Nick) and Julia was frequently dropped in favour of Julya.

Given the high proportion of international residents in the Grand Duchy, it is perhaps not surprising that Portuguese, Chinese, Scandinavian and Irish-sounding names made a mark in Luxembourg with Simao, Jia, Côme and Aidan making it into registers.

Luxembourg's top names do not differ largely from international trends where Emma was a hit, along with Sophie and Sophia. Top international boys' names included Noah, Luca and Leo.

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