Two new bike counters

Luxembourg City does a number on cyclists


Two new bike counters have been set up in Luxembourg City with the aim of advising riders just how many cyclists pass through crucial areas and also hoping to encourage more bike use too.

For some years now, Luxembourg City has been measuring and analysing the increase in the use of bicycles in urban areas using bicycle counting devices set up in strategic locations across the capital.

The two new devices installed will display the number of cyclists per day and per year.

The first is located in the Pescatore park near the lift that connects Pfaffenthal to the City above, creating a new and important route for bike traffic. The second is placed at the entrance to the City park, near the Schuman junction and Glacis car park.

These new devices join those on the viaduct, in force since 2011, and have already counted more than 939 thousand bike passes between 2011 and 2016.

In total, the city currently has 13 counting points: the Schuman junction, Pescatore Park, Grande-Duchesse Charlotte Bridge, Viaduc, Boulevard Roosevelt, Avenue Marie-Thérèse, rue Godchaux, Avenue du X Septembre, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, Rue Laurent Menager, Place de la Gare, route d'Esch and Rue Mersch-Wittenauer.

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