There is only one Luxembourg Royal Facebook account!

Monarchy enthusiasts may be disappointed to learn that not all is as it seems when following their favourite Luxembourg Royals on sites like Facebook.

Despite the fact that you may find Facebook accounts purporting to belong to Princess Alexandra, Princess Tessy, Prince Sébastien and the Grand Duchess among others, only one is the real thing.

According to the Luxembourg Royal Court, there is just one official Luxembourg Royal Family Facebook account,which is managed by the "Maréchal de la Cour". Any others, they say, are false.

Several weeks ago, a Facebook page claiming to be that of Grand Duke Henri appeared online, garnering 338 friends, among which were the Grand Ducal Police and Voyages Emile Weber. Similarly, a profile for Félix de Nassau and for his older brother, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume have appeared in the past containing what appear to be personal photos of the princes.

While the Royal Court says it has not requested Facebook to close the false accounts, it underlines that all but the official page of the Royal Household are fake.

Reporting by Virginie Orlandi