The tale of 2 bus maps

Architect brings alternative bus map to Luxembourg

Jug's INAT Luxembourg City map
Jug's INAT Luxembourg City map
Image: INAT

An architect has designed an alternative bus map to Luxembourg City's “spaghetti monster”, and it appears to have found favour with transport chiefs.

Jug Cerovic decided to make his own bus map after the updated version of the capital's bus map drew criticism on the Transit Maps website, describing it as “a pile of worms on a page”, adding “good luck if you're a tourist!”

It's not the ugliest map I've seen. I've seen worse

With a passion for maps since childhood, yet despite never having visited Luxembourg, Jug set out to unravel the knot of worms and improve the design.

“It's not the ugliest map I've seen. I've seen worse. All the lines and stations are represented. It's a compact, schematic map,” he said of the current version,

He added: “It's just that since you have the central corridor from the centre to the station, it's very crowded with around 20 lines. On that map it was really tangled and frightening. You didn't want to travel on that section which is the most important.” 

The notorious "spaghetti monster" bus map of Luxembourg City
The notorious "spaghetti monster" bus map of Luxembourg City
Image: VDL

Jug "disentagled" the map, got to grips with how the network works and set about presenting it in a simpler way.

The result, which he published online, attracted praise in Luxembourg and even reached the desks of City Authority officials, who will meet with Jug in Luxembourg on Friday.

“They called me to say the map is good. People's feedback has been great and they would like me to adapt and implement it,” Jug said.

The Serbian-French national who began working for INAT, in Paris in 2008, has reworked a number of international transit maps as part of a personal project.

He is also working with a company in Seoul, South Korea, to adapt the metro map there.

It took Jug three weeks to complete his alternative bus map for Luxembourg City. But, the effort should pay off when he visits Luxembourg on Friday and won't need to carry a copy of it in his pocket. “I could probably draw most of it by heart, now,” he joked.

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