The road, it's all of us

Luxembourg launches new "ironic" road safety campaign

Luxembourg has launched a new road safety campaign aimed at making different road users more tolerant of one another.

“L’automobiliste est bête, il croit que c’est le motard qui est bête, alors qu’en fait c’est le cycliste, dit le piéton” (The driver is stupid, he believes it is the biker who is stupid, when in fact it is the cyclist who is stupid, says the pedestrian) is the ironic slogan behind the campaign.

“It's a natural and well-known phenomenon that our point of view changes radically if we go from being a pedestrian, which we all are to start with, to driving a vehicle, be it motorised or otherwise,” Luxembourg's Sustainable Development Ministry said in a statement, adding: “This subjective attitude engenders not only selfish and disrespectful behaviour but, beyond that, it leads to dangerous situations.”

The new campaign, dubbed “la route, c'est nous tous” (the road, it's all of us), is an appeal for courtesy and for road users to be more mutually respectful.

It is also a reminder that the most vulnerable road users, including motorbikers, cyclists and pedestrians, are increasing in number on the roads, particularly in good weather.

“Contrary to what one may think, the majority of accidents happen when weather conditions are good, as the statistics prove,” the press release said.

Copies of the new campaign poster go live this week when 45 signs are installed along Luxembourg's road and motorway network and posters are displayed in public places around the country.

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