Te Deum

“You are the symbol and guarantor of our freedom”

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(CS) Luxembourg's Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich on Monday afternoon welcomed the Grand Ducal family to Notre Dame Cathedral for the traditional Te Deum, which brough together faith leaders from the country's multiple religious communities.

Led by the Archbishop, the service also included prayers by Chief Rabbi Alain Nacache, Imam Halil Ahmetspahic and Anglican Church Chaplain Christopher Lyon.

Hollerich spoke affectionately of the Grand Duke in front of a packed audience at the mass, which was also open to attend for the public. “That the cathedral is so full, is a sign, that the Luxembourg people stand by you, Monseigneur, and your family,” he said. “You are the symbol and guarantor of our freedom.”

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Prince Guillaume, Princess Stéphanie, as well as Prince Félix, Prince Louis and Prince Sébastien had also turned out for the Te Deum, which for the first time this year was held in the afternoon.

They were joined by government and parliament representatives, diplomats, representatives of the magistracy and the State Council, as well as other invited guests and members of the public.

In his sermon and as two days of lavish celebrations began coming to a close, Hollerich used his sermon to draw attention to those less fortunate, saying that “we are a rich society. Therefore, we have a responsibility towards those who are poorer, towards the refugees. Let us work together, so that justice can finally reach these people,” he said.

The Te Deum was the third event of the day for the royal family, who had already attended the official ceremony at the Grand Théâtre in the morning and the military parade in the early afternoon. The last point on the programme was an evening reception at the Grand Ducal palace.

With reporting by Monique Hermes