“Spaghetti monster”

Does Luxembourg City have the ‘worst bus map ever’?

(ADW) There’s a story doing the rounds on international websites that Luxembourg City could quite possibly be entitled to the crown for the ‘Worst bus map ever’, after comparing it to similar maps from cities around the world.

Submitted by a frustrated Luxembourg resident calling it a “spaghetti monster”, the map was published on the website Transit Maps, a service that provides local bus and train maps from locations worldwide, and at the same time rating, praising and indeed criticising them for their ease of use, looks and the ability to find your way.

“This is a bit of a mess, especially in the central part where all 27 routes seem to converge without much thought as to how to arrange them efficiently along the central spine”, says the website before slating it further, “There’s no geography on the map at all, just the names of districts within the city. This wouldn’t present a problem for locals, but I certainly wouldn’t find this much help as a visitor!”

Finally the site gave its lowest rating: “Using another metaphor, it’s like a pile of worms on a page, all twisted around each other. Offers little clarification of a dense network. One star”. Oh dear.

'Good luck if you're a tourist!'

But the story doesn’t end there. Popular American general interest news site Vox.com also  laid into the map’s design describing it as a “proverbial knot that can't be undone”, and stating “it sort of creates the impression that all of the buses in Luxembourg are constantly crashing into each other, which you'd think we'd have heard about by now”.

And like Transit Maps, Vox.com also criticised how it could be used by visitors, “without any real sense of streets or landmarks, I can't even imagine how I'd begin to use this to navigate Luxembourg”, ending with “good luck if you're a tourist!”

Taking it that one stage further Vox.com doesn’t mince its words on Luxembourg City’s bus map. “This is the worst bus map ever”.

What do you think? Is the map that bad? As a tourist do you think it is hard to navigate? Let us know your thoughts.

To see the map in all its full resolution glory click here!

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