Scarf stirs up Princess Stéphanie pregnancy rumours

Is this scarf hiding a baby bump? Or was it just a bit chilly that day?
Is this scarf hiding a baby bump? Or was it just a bit chilly that day?
Photo: Tania Feller

(CS) Like any royal wife, Princess Stéphanie is being monitored by the international press and media from Germany and Sweden appear to have put the future Grand Duchess on bump watch.

According to German publication “Bunte” and Swedish tabloid “Svensk Damtidning” all the signs are pointing towards a baby at the Grand Ducal household.

For one, Stéphanie has recently made fewer public appearances. For example, even though Princess Tessy and Princess Claire accompanied Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa to the International Bazaar, Stéphanie was not part of the royal line-up.

Additionally, at an event earlier this month she wore a large scarf, allegedly hiding her figure from the cameras, although it is a look the royal has been spotted sporting several times in the past.

This is not the first time that international media have launched speculation about the arrival of an heir in Luxembourg. Until now, however, they have been nothing but hot air.

Time will tell, of course, whether there is any truth in the rumours. Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie are due in China this week, as part of an economic mission to the country together with Economy Minister Etienne Schneider and a large business delegation.

Also on their schedule is a visit to the Luxembourg “Centre de Développement et d'Attraction” next weekend.