Rue de Hollerich

Luxembourg police catch 2 drug dealers with cocaine pellets

Photo: Police

(ADW) Police arrested two drug dealers in Luxembourg City on Thursday afternoon for selling drugs and being in possession of cocaine pellets.

It was at about 3pm when police moved in, following reports that two dealers had sold drugs to two people on rue de Hollerich, and questioned the suspects.

They quickly discovered a cocaine pellet on one of the culprits. This led to the suspicion that the two suspects could have swallowed more pellets and therefore were carrying more drugs internally.

A clinical examination was ordered and, sure enough, a scan showed that one of the suspects had indeed swallowed several “foreign bodies”, as the police report stated, without going into further detail.

The suspects were arrested, and searches in three houses were then conducted.

Both cocaine and cannabis were discovered, together with a substantial amount of cash, mobile phones and drug paraphernalia.

During the search a man was also found to be living in Luxembourg illegally with no documents. He was immediately taken in for questioning.

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