Royals celebrate festive season with armed forces

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(CS) Luxembourg's Grand Ducal couple, as well as Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie, were joined by members of Luxembourg's armed and police forces for a festive celebration on Tuesday at Schloss Berg.

Some 300 guests were invited to the Grand Ducal residence, mainly soldiers and police officers who have taken part in peace-keeping and assistance missions on behalf of Luxembourg, and their families.

Also at the gathering were Defence Minister Jean-Marie Halsdorf, General Gaston Reinig and Colonel Romain Mancinelli.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, as well as the Crown Prince and his wife Stéphanie, chatted to the soldiers and police officers about their experiences abroad and the operations they took part in, as well as talking to their loved ones about life in a military family.

Reporting by Armand Wagner