Royal coins court controversy in Luxembourg

Photo: Screenshot

A commemorative coin bearing a picture of Luxembourg's Prince Félix and Princess Claire has raised questions over the right of the image.

A picture of the coin, available online in Claire's native Germany, was published on the Facebook page “Claire Lademacher Style”.

The Grand Ducal Court, however, was not aware of the coin's existence. Court spokeswoman Isabelle Faber said: “To edit the Grand Ducal family image, permission must be obtained from the Court beforehand.”

She said she was awaiting a response from the couple which may have given permission to German company “Bayerisches Münzkontor” to mint a coin with their likeness.

Made from silver and Swarovski crystal, the coin was released to mark the wedding of Princess Claire and Prince Felix in September last year and costs 61 euros.

Translated from an article by Virginie Orlandi