Royals kick off National Day celebrations

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(CS) Luxembourg's Grand Duke and Grand Duchess on Sunday afternoon began the two-day National Day celebrations with a visit to Rosport.

Every year, the Grand Ducal couple visit a different village in Luxembourg before heading back to Luxembourg City for the traditional torch-lit parade and fireworks.

In Rosport they were welcomed around 4.30pm by mayor Romain Osweiler, as well as Labour Minister Nicolas Schmit and Environment Minister Carole Dieschbourg, as well as throngs of visitors who were lining the streets to cheer on Henri and Maria Teresa.

After the official welcome, the royals first took a tour of the "Sauerpark" where primary school children from Rosport and Ralingen, a neighbouring town in Germany, performed for the guests of honour. They were also shown cross-border cooperation initiatives, before taking a stroll through Rosport.

They made a stop at the local Café du Commerce - where they also enjoyed a sip of the local water - and the Rosport "Kleederstiffchen", a clothes shop for families with children in difficult circumstances.

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa also remembered the war dead, laying a wreath at a WW2 memorial, before embarking on the final stretch of their visit, taking a tour of Château Tudor and a final meet and greet with the locals.