Pfaffentahl-Kirchberg route

Luxembourg's first funicular carriage arrives

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The first carriage of Luxembourg’s new funicular that will transport passengers between the Pfaffentahl valley and the Kirchberg plateau, has just arrived and is already sitting on the tracks.

In less than nine months, the funicular will be operational under the Red Bridge transporting passengers between the two destinations in around 63 seconds.

As announced back in May last year, the new mode of transport at the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, (its official title) will be completed by the beginning of December this year with the plan of transporting the first passengers on Sunday December 10.

The first carriage, still in its protective wrapping, has been designed by Swiss group Doppelmayr – Garaventa, a company specialising in cable-assisted transport and was placed on tracks of the slope measuring 19.7%. It is the first of four red carriages that run along the 200-metre tracks with the ability of transporting 1,200 passengers in ten minutes.

André Marck, Managing Director of Luxtram explained that in the future if you take the train at 8am from the City’s central train station you will arrive at the foot of the Red Bridge a very short time after at the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg. “You will then have one minute to take the funicular and 63 seconds to get to the Pont-Rouge stop. At 8:08am the next tram will pass. So by 8:19am you will arrive at Luxexpo,” he concluded.

A first virtual trip is already possible thanks to this CFL video:

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