Nuclear Accident Emergency Response Plan

Have you collected your iodide pills?

Photo: Laurent Blum

Residents have until November 28 to collect their free quota of iodide tablets for use in the event of a nuclear disaster at Cattenom.

The pills can be collected from Luxembourg City's town hall in Place Guillaume II, Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 12 noon and 2pm until 6pm.

To claim them, people must present the letter sent to Luxembourg residents by the Interior Ministry.

The pills form part of Luxembourg's Nuclear Accident Emergency Response Plan, set up in response to concerns over Cattenom nuclear power station, located in France, close to the Luxembourg border.

In case of a nuclear incident, iodide pills can help protect the thyroid gland by saturating the body with stable iodine, preventing the thyroid to absorb radioiodine, a major uranium-plutonium fission product.

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