Novo Selo

Grand Duke Henri visits Luxembourg soldiers in Kosovo

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(ADW) Grand Duke Henri took a trip to Kosovo on Wednesday to visit Luxembourg soldiers based there, his fourth visit since the first platoon was deployed back in April 2000 as part of a Belgian unit.

After NATO bombing in 1999, which aimed to stop increasing repression by the Serbian security forces and put an end to a situation of near civil war,  a peacekeeping NATO–KFOR force was deployed to Kosovo to stabilise the situation in accordance with resolution 1244 of the UN  Security Council.

In 2008 , the new Republic of Kosovo was declared independent.

Meeting with Luxembourg soldiers

Grand Duke Henri and his delegation visited Novo Selo, 30 km north of Pristina, near Mitrovica , where is the Luxembourg contingent  has been based since September 2006. They were greeted by the camp commander, Colonel Pierre Lecomte.

After the presentation of camp authorities, Grand Duke and Henri and Étienne Schneider  attended a  parade put on by the Luxembourg contingent KFOR 42, stationed in Kosovo since February this year.

At lunch, they had the opportunity to discuss with the 22 Luxembourg soldiers, the roles of their various missions.

The visit by the Luxembourg contingent ended with an inspection of the equipment used by the Luxembourg military as part of their mission.

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