New law aims to tackle cyber bullying in Luxembourg

Photo: Reuters

Luxembourg hopes to crack down on cyber bullying among school children with the introduction of a new law, it has emerged.

The bill, which is currently going through parliamentary procedures, aims to make it easier to prosecute for offences committed online, including cyber bullying and online intimidation.

Education Minister Mady Delvaux-Stehres outlined the bill in her recent response to a parliamentary question from deputy Christine Doerner.

She said that among other things, the bill will make it a criminal act for people to pose as someone else online, also known as identity theft.

Luxembourg law currently provides a framework for the prosecution against harasment outside of work if it is obsessional under article 442-2 of the penal code under the law of June 5, 2009.

“This article, together with the new provisions on cybercrime, should enable judicial authorities to effectively combat the phenomena described by the honorable member,” the Education Minister wrote in her reply.

Since 2007, Luxembourg has offered awareness raising sessions about the correct use of new media. This training is currently compulsory for seventh graders and teaching staff and youth workers are offered training in this respect.

Furthermore, awareness campaigns are offered through BEE SECURE, which also runs a helpline.