National Day

Fireworks for the Grand Duke

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(CS) Luxembourg City on Sunday evening celebrated the Grand Duke's official birthday with a spectacular firework and the traditional torch-lit parade earlier in the evening.

Dozens of local clubs and associations took part in the parade, which started in Boulevard de la Pétrusse this year and proceeded down Avenue de la Liberté towards the Gare. With construction works on Place Guillaume II and several other spots in the City centre this alternative route proved just as well and the Grand Ducal family watch the spectacle from a podium near the former Arbed building.

The parade started an hour earlier this year to allow more families to take part in the celebrations. While darkness had not quite fallen when the parade kicked off, the hundreds of torches in the parade were still quite a sight to see.

At 11pm then, also an hour earlier than before, the traditional firework started, launched fro Fort Thüngen, as Pont Adolphe is closed for renovations. Organisers had said that the display would not suffer from the change in location and indeed over quarter of an hour of fireworks delighted spectators who had gathered along the best spots in town to watch.

The only setback – there was no music to accompany the fireworks.

The end of the fireworks marked only the beginning of the capital's National Day party, which continued until the early hours of the next morning.

While many might be nursing their hangovers on Sunday morning, it's an early start for the Grand Ducal family who will join the government and parliament at an official celebration at 10pm before a military parade at noon and the traditional Te Deum at 4.30pm, before a final National Day reception at the palace in the evening.