Naked Mile

Time to strip off and run nearly naked around Luxembourg!

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(HP) It's time to get your kit off and run around Luxembourg city centre in nothing more than your underwear.

Yes, that's right, this is actually happening.

It all started when Tony Morabito - an Italian national who lives in Luxembourg - decided life in the Grand-Duchy should be a little bit more "like in a movie".

"Life needs to be more like in a movie," he said. "After watching American movies I thought we should try to emulate this in real life. In the US this is very common, especially for university students, but it has never happened before in Luxembourg.

"I'm not sure Luxembourg is ready for it but it's for charity and I'm expecting around 100 people."

All funds raised at the Naked Mile Luxembourg will be donated to Think Pink Luxembourg - a charity which supports women with cancer.

But participants will not have to bare all and can keep their underwear or swimwear as they make their way around the city centre, passing in front of the palace, and descending into the Grund.

"I think this is somewhere in between crazy and normal," Tony added. "The one-mile run will go around places where there are people. I think if people don't know about it they might be shocked.

"But when it's for charity people are more willing to participate."

Naked Mile Luxembourg will start from Apoteca on rue de la Boucherie and after an optional two-hour happy hour participants will take off their clothes and step out into the street in underwear or swimwear.

Clothes will be kept safely in a wardrobe in Apoteca.

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