Melusina statue

Tail broken off Luxembourg's purple mermaid

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Luxembourg City’s purple Melusina mermaid statue, a now familiar sight on the banks of the River Alzette has suffered a rather serious injury. Her tail has broken off!

Created by Luxembourgish artist Serge Ecker, the statue made of a glazed layer of ceramic over a core of PU foam, appears to have not been strong enough to endure countless tourists sitting on her lap for photos.

The fabled mermaid is now a sorry sight, donning bandages around two broken points on her tail.

In fact the bandages appear to have been applied by unknown people in an attempt to reconstruct poor Melusina.

Whether the breaks were an accident or intentional is not known at this stage, and barriers around the mermaid has been erected.

Just when the purple statue will be repaired is not known at this stage.

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