Majority in Luxembourg supports gay marriage

Photo: Shutterstock

(CS) A whopping majority of 83 percent of Luxembourg nationals spoke out in favour of same-sex marriage in the most recent Politmonitor poll.

56 percent of those polled said they were completely in favour, with another 27 percent rather in favour. Only 9 percent indicated that they were completely opposed.

When it comes to same-sex adoption the survey delivered more nuanced results, with 30 percent completely in favour, 25 percent rather in favour, but also 27 percent completely opposed and 17 percent rather opposed.

The Luxembourg parliament is expected to vote on both of these issues before the summer break. A new family law foresees gay marriage to be made legal, as well as giving same-sex couples the right to adopt, but only in an open adoption procedure.

The results form part of the Politmonitor survey commissioned by the “Luxemburger Wort” and RTL, which examines public opinion on political, social and current affairs issues in Luxembourg.

The survey group is limited to members of the population with the right to vote in national elections, with 1,117 Luxembourg nationals surveyed online or via telephone in April this year.