Luxembourg princes to testify in “Bommeleeër” trial

Photo: Anouk Antony

(CS/str) Prince Jean and Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg will have to testify at court in the “Bommeleeër” trial, following an order by the constitutional court.

The latter court had been charged by the criminal chamber in June to determine whether the princes, as members of the Grand Ducal family, can be summoned as witnesses.

The constitutional court has now ruled that the princes should testify.

Last year, the Grand Ducal family had commented that Jean and Guillaume, brothers of Grand Duke Henri, would testify should they be summoned. The family said that the princes would not seek to evade their public duty.

The "Bommeleeër" trial has been ongoing since February 2013. It aims to determine who was responsible for a series of bombings in the 1980s in the Grand Duchy.

There have been claims implicating Prince Jean and Prince Guillaume with the bombings; allegations which the Grand Ducal family has denied.