Luxembourg passport accepted visa-free in 172 countries

Photo: Shutterstock

(CS) Have passport, will travel. A Luxembourg passport will take travellers to 172 countries without the need to apply for a visa, placing it among the most accepted travel documents worldwide.

Finnish, Swedish and British passport holders can travel to 173 countries visa-free, seeing them at the top of a ranking put together by Henley & Partners, a consultancy specialised in immigration and citizenship planning.

They were followed by Denmark, Germany, the US and Luxembourg with 172.

On the whole, EU members placed higher in the ranking, largely because of the Schengen agreement between member states.

The US, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Australia ranked highest among non-European countries.

Passports issued by Arab or Muslim states were among the ten worst in the world for free access to other countries, with Pakistan, Somalia (both 32), Iraq (31) and Afghanistan (28) at the bottom of the list.

On the whole, Henley & Partners lists 219 travel destinations, so the maximum "score" could be 218.

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