Luxembourg MPs approve smoking ban

Photo: LW archive

56 MPs have voted in favor of a law banning smoking in public bars and cafés in Luxembourg, removing the last hurdle for a smoking ban in the country.

The bill, which was drawn up by Luxembourg Minister of Health, Mars Di Bartolomeo, was opposed by just four MPs.

Opponents included Anne Brasseur and Carlo Wagner of the DP and Gast Giberyen and Fernand Kartheiser of the ADR.

They called the law a case of “excessive state interference in the private life of the population and an obstacle to the freedom of trade."

The vote marks the final hurdle, besides some administrative processes, in getting the smoking ban enforced in Luxembourg. It means that there will be no smoking in public bars and cafés from January 1, 2014.

Translated from an article by Charline Lebrun