Luxembourg learning disorders forum

Grand Duchess describes son's dyslexia struggle

"Parents should not be discouraged”

Luxembourg Grand Duchess Maria Teresa talks about her son, Prince Louis' struggles with dyslexia
Luxembourg Grand Duchess Maria Teresa talks about her son, Prince Louis' struggles with dyslexia
Photo: Guy Jallay

(SW/JB) Luxembourg's Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa has an invested interest in the country's forum on learning disorders to be held on January 30.

Having supported her third son, Prince Louis, as he dealt with dyslexia from a young age, the Grand Duchess knows only too well how parents and their children can suffer.

"Parents should not be discouraged,” the Grand Duchess said at a press conference, adding: “Louis was diagnosed late with dyslexia at the age of 10. What was impressive is that he managed to convince me during all this time that he could read, when he couldn't!”

The Grand Duchess explained that the prince had such a strong memory and flair for creativity, he was able to find other ways to learn.

The disorder did not prevent the prince from achieving his full potential and go on to achieve a Masters degree.

Prince Louis with his wife, Princess Tessy
Prince Louis with his wife, Princess Tessy
Photo: Anouk Antony

“At the time, I did not know who to go to. SCAP was the only organisation I could find which could help me to understand and support my son,” the Grand Duchess said.

The Grand Duchess hopes that her son will be a role model for other children with similar disorders so that they do not see it as a handicap.

Maria-Teresa urged other parents not to be discouraged when faced with a child's dyslexia.

“We fear how others will regard our child, that they will be judged...But, we must lift the veil on these disorders and understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of.”

The learning disorders forum on January 30, which will be attended by Luxembourg's Prince Louis, will focus on understanding learning disorders, which remain little known.

In addition to inviting stakeholders from all over Europe to share their experiences, it will also look at systems for integrating young people with learning disorders into mainstream schools.

The objective is to develop an approach to help young people with learning disorders in Luxembourg so that they are not excluded from mainstream education.

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