Luxembourg-German border

Laser attack on Luxembourg Air Rescue helicopter

Photo: Serge Waldbillig

(ADW) Luxembourg Air Rescue have reported that one of their helicopters flying along the German border was targeted with a laser device from the ground on Tuesday night, an incident that could have resulted in extremely serious consequences.

What exactly happened?

While flying over the border south-east of Vianden at about 10pm, the crew of the helicopter suddenly noticed a laser beam aimed right at them. Thanks to the quick reactions of the pilot and immediate implementation of emergency procedures, which LAR crew are trained for on a regular basis, direct eye contact with the beam was avoided.

Whether the laser originated from the Luxembourg or German side of the border is not known, but the incident was immediately reported to “LuxRadar” who in turn informed Luxembourg Airport police and a complaint was filed.

Why is it dangerous?

Laser attacks are no joke. A highly concentrated light beam can cause temporary blindness and, in the worst case scenario, could have caused the helicopter to crash. For this reason the use of such “gimmicks” are strictly forbidden and their use considered an offence.

The Luxembourg rescue helicopter AR3 was on a return night flight from a mission at Prüm hospital in Germany to its base in Findel. It is generally used for cross-border air rescue between the Grand Duchy and the Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland regions of Germany.

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