Luxembourg City sees rise in population

Photo: Maurice Fick

(CS) Luxembourg City's population has grown by almost 2,900 citizens in the past year, now counting 96,750 inhabitants, with 66% foreigners from over 150 nationalities.

Also, the Portuguese community is no longer the biggest foreign community in the city centre. The French have taken over with 14,173 residents in comparison to 14,084 Portuguese.

However, it has to be noted that residents with both the Luxembourg and a foreign nationality are counted as Luxembourgers in the register.

With the capital fast approaching 100,000 inhabitants, the Bierger Center registered an increase of almost 10,000 citizens in four years, some 2,900 last year alone.

Luxembourg nationals make up just under 34% of the population with 32,754 citizens. Foreign nationals account for 66%, with over 90% hailing from the European Union. In total, 153 nationalities were counted by the Bierger Center.

The make-up of the capital consists of 14.64% French nationals, followed by 14.56% Portuguese. Also among the foreign nationals in the city are Italians (5,740), Belgians (4,002), Germans (3,643), Brits (2,129), Spanish (1,971), and more.