Luxembourg City bus map overhaul

From spaghetti monster to "work of art"

Jug Cerovic stands in front of the Luxembourg City bus map, which he designed
Photo: Jug Cerovic

One man's mission to transform a public transport map so convoluted it was dubbed the “spaghetti monster” has come to fruition.

Luxembourg City released its new bus network map a week ago, containing a new line and a number of tweaks made as a result from passenger feedback.

“I can safely declare that Luxembourg has today one of the best public transport maps in the world, a genuine work of art in the public space,” said map designer and architect Jug Cerovic.

Mr Cerovic pitched his own, simplified map solution to Luxembourg City after its 2015 version drew critics on the Transit Maps website where one reader dubbed it a “pile of worms on a page!”. In Luxembourg, confused bus users coined the term "spaghetti monster" to describe the frightening meshed mass of multi-coloured bus lines on the new map.

Despite having never visited Luxembourg, the Paris-based architect worked to disentangle the map and present it in a simpler way.

The result reached the desks of City Authority officials who have been working with Cerovic ever since.

The latest version is “basically the same map I built and published last summer,” Cerovic said, adding, “Since then I have been officially working with the “Service des Autobus de la Ville de Luxembourg” (AVL) team in order to implement the network changes and fine tune the map.”

The original "spaghetti monster" map that has now been scrapped

Far from the tangled “spaghetti monster” presented a year ago, Cerovic believes the latest version is “an outstanding result”.

Copies have since been delivered to every household in the capital.

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