Luxembourg City adopts alternative bus map

Bye bye spaghetti monster, hello INAT map

Jug's INAT map will inspire a new version of the Luxembourg City bus network map
Jug's INAT map will inspire a new version of the Luxembourg City bus network map
Image: INAT

Luxembourg City is to drop its old “spaghetti monster” bus map in favour of an alternative version, designed on a whim by a Parisian architect.

Jug Cerovic's clear and user-friendly map of the capital's bus network proved an instant hit with Luxembourg bus users when he published in online.

And, after attending a meeting with transport chiefs and city mayor Lydie Polfer in Luxembourg last Friday, he has learned it will be officially adopted.

“They have confirmed their will to have my map become the new official bus map of Luxembourg,” Jug told, adding: “We will now work together to fine-tune the map.”

Jug set himself the challenge of redesigning the transit map when an updated version, so confusing it was dubbed the “spagehtti monster”, was brought out. 

The notorious "spaghetti monster" bus map of Luxembourg City
The notorious "spaghetti monster" bus map of Luxembourg City
Image: VDL

The updated map was published to show the reorganisation of the bus network, starting June 1. However, it drew widespread criticism from bus users who struggled to get to grips with the changes.

Meanwhile, critics on social networks did not hold back, with one website calling the updated map a “pile of worms on a page.”

Without even visiting Luxembourg, Jug managed to “disentangle” the many confusing bus lines on the main north-south corridor. “When I succeeded in that task I couldn't help but go on and push the redesign further eventually creating a brand new map. which includes some of the geography of the City.”

After Jug's 'INAT' map reached the desks of major decision-makers in the capital, he received a call inviting him to meet last Friday.

It would appear the meeting went well. While, it is expected that the City and transport authorities will make some changes and corrections to the INAT map, it should be published before the new school year begins in September, 2015.

Please note the unofficial map has not been finalised and some corrections are still be to be made. advises readers who use the alternative map before its official release to verify routes with the original map to avoid getting the wrong bus.

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