Demolition planned for Jean-Monnet building by end of year

The Jean-Monnet building in Kirchberg
The Jean-Monnet building in Kirchberg
Photo: Anouk Antony

(ADW) Both the Luxembourg government and the European Commission have reached an agreement for housing the 1,650 employees based at the doomed Jean-Monnet building in Kirchberg.

Two buildings will become the home to workers: one in the Cloche d'Or area, and another to be built from scratch in Kirchberg.

"About 500 employees will stay in Kirchberg, in a building still to be built”, explained Jean Asselborn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, during the presentation of the agreement. The other employees will move to Cloche d'Or, but it is not known which buildings will house European officials.

These changes must be completed by the end of the year and will cost 194 million euros to be paid in equal parts by the Commission and by the Luxembourg state.

The catalyst prompting the move was the presence of asbestos in the Jean-Monnet Building in Kirchberg that has already been reported to have caused three cases of workplace illness.

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