Halloween: a restless night for Luxembourg police

Photo: AFP

(ADW) Luxembourg police had a busy night on Wednesday, or rather Halloween. Unruly incidents in the streets, rubbish bin fires, and thefts were all reported.

Halloween was a night of festivities and excess meaning that police interventions and call-outs were far more than usual for Wednesday night and Thursday morning, however they were for mostly minor offences.

 Nocturnal noise disorders were reported in Schifflange, Oberkorn, Lamadelaine, Dudelange, Mondorf-les-Bains and Luxembourg. Rubbish burning in Bettembourg was also reported.

Differdange seemed to be a magnet for Halloween mischief as bins, signs and mirrors were damaged as well as egg throwing incidents at houses.

Meanwhile in Echternach two vehicles were covered in ketchup, and in Bettembourg cars were covered with flour or wrapped in toilet paper.

More seriously however were reports of car tyres being slashed in Bettembourg and several reports of thefts in the country throughout the night.