Guillaume & Stéphanie pay a visit to Luxembourg City

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(ADW) After visiting the towns of Mersch, Vianden, Echternach, Redange and Dudelange, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie were welcomed officially for the first time on Saturday, to Luxembourg City as guests.

Upon arrival, they were welcomed by the new Mayor Lydie Polfer at Town Hall and entered their names in the commune’s “Golden Book”.

Amongst other items on their agenda Stéphanie and Guillaume' visited the "Péitrusshaus", a facility for young people in need.

Then it was on to Beggen where Guillaume and Stéphanie paid a visit to the social-aid shop "Cent Butteck". A reception in their honour was then held at the Grand Theatre.

Finally, a visit to the City would not be complete without a trip to the Christmas Market around the Gëlle Fra statue.