Grand Duke confirms dissolution of parliament

Photo: Guy Jallay

(CS) Luxembourg's Grand Duke on Friday announced that he has “resolved” to dissolve the Chamber of Deputies, effective October 7, with elections set to take place on October 20, following the recommendations of a parliamentary constitutional committee.

On Thursday, the State Council had spoken out against a deferred dissolution of parliament, saying that in light of the current rift between the government and parliament, the latter should be dismissed immediately.

However, a parliamentary committee disagreed with this opinion. It had earlier been argued that both parliament and government should remain in place until shortly before snap election in order to maintain the state's decision-making power.

Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker met with the Grand Duke on Thursday evening to reiterate these plans.

A statement by the “Maréchalat de la Cour” on Friday confirmed that there would be a deferred dissolution of parliament.

Grand Duke Henri is set to put his signature under the necessary documents early next week.

His Royal Highness has also called on all political parties to conduct a “dignified” election campaign and the Grand Duke expressed his hope “that the atmosphere of trust, which allows us to work together in the general interest of our country and our citizens, will be reestablished.”