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Professional bachelors in accounting and taxation to launch in September

A bachelor degree in animation design will launch from 2018
A bachelor degree in animation design will launch from 2018
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Two professional bachelor degrees are to launch at the University of Luxembourg in September, marking a milestone in the history of further education in the Grand Duchy.

Born as a partnership between three educational institutions, the study programmes target holders of a technical diploma known as brevet de technicien supérieur (BTS) and will help students specialise in accounting and taxation.

The launch of these new programmes comes as a government response to address the lack of specialists in the two fields, given that access to professions in accounting and taxation is conditioned by strict academic requirements corresponding to a bachelor's degree.

Graduates of BTS courses are also credited for having requested a framework that allows the transfer of their existing technical skills to a more advanced programme. 

According to a government statement, an increasing number of students in Luxembourg wish to continue their studies and obtain a bachelor's degree.    

An innovative partnership

Claude Meisch, Minister of National Education, Children and Youth and Marc Hansen, Minister for Higher Education and Research, announced the partnership, outlining that the University of Luxmebourg joined forced with the local Business and Management School (ECG) and the Lycée des Arts et Métiers (LAM) to support those seeking more vocational training.

The partnership will allow students who are currently enrolled in technical courses to continue receiving training and pursue a vocational bachelor degree programme. 

At the end of their study programmes, participants will be awarded with a professional bachelor degree from the University of Luxembourg. 

Animation design bachelor to launch in 2018

With animation design proving to be very popular among students enrolled at Lycée des Arts et Métiers, the Ministries of National Education and Higher Education and Research have decided to launch a dedicated professional bachelor degree that   "equips students with quality training in 3D animation".

The study programme will launch in September 2018.

The growing popularity of education in animation design is attributed to Luxembourg's first Oscar award from 2014, when former BTS student Alexandre Espigares won the best animated short film prize for Mr. Hublot.

The new bachelor degree will extend the overall study period from two to three years and will focus on the digital development of the sector, with the extension deemed as necessary by local industry professionals, including 200 working directly in animation design. 

Luxembourg's vision for higher education

The two ministers underlined the innovative nature of this educational project and argued that the new study programmes reflect the vision of the Luxembourg education system -- allowing each pupil and student, from early schooling to higher education, to pursue and make progress in his or her individual educational development. 

The national education system in the Grand Duchy also aims to award students with various types of certifications and titles as they pursue education and obtain different types of professional qualifications.

In this context, Meisch and Hansen argued that links and bridges needed to be created to facilitate the transition from one educational programme to another. 

According to a government statement, an external audit of the two bachelor programs will be carried out on the first three cohorts of students by an accredited evaluation agency. 

Based on the results, the ministers pointed out that this type of innovative partnership might be extended, to include other courses and fields of interest.

About the University of Luxembourg

According to its 2016 annual report, the University of Luxembourg currently ranks 178 out of 800 universities featured in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking.

Some 6,200 students are enrolled at the University of Luxembourg, with approximately 52  per cent coming from abroad. In the 2016-2017 academic year the university launched a number of master degrees in the field of education, theatre studies, as well as doubled its programmes in European law.

The University of Luxembourg employed 1,700 people last year.

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