Freedom March

Police accused of abusing protester

Photo: Steve Remesch

(CS/TJ) Two Luxembourg police officers have been accused of abusing a demonstrator at a March for Freedom protest in Kirchberg earlier this month.

According to information obtained by Radio 100,7 the police officers took a demonstrator they arrested to a separate room for interrogation. One of the officials grabbed the man by the neck, while the other twisted his arm so violently that the man fainted.

The police officers are also accused of filming the incident on a mobile phone.

Prosecutors have launched an investigation into the case, but according to 100,7 one of the police officers interrogated on the matter has denied the accusations.

On June 5, a group of around 80 people demonstrated against the EU's asylum policies and its treatment of migrants outside a Kirchberg conference centre, where EU ministers were meeting at the time.

The group tried to force their way into the building but were rebuffed by security. They then entered the Sustainable Development Ministry next door, where they staged a sit-in. They were expelled from the building by police, with demonstrators claiming that authorities used unnecessary violence.

While the protest continued relatively peacefully outside, protesters and police clashed again when the latter arrested several demonstrators as they began making their way to the City centre.

Tear gas was used by police, who said that they too had been sprayed with an acid solution, as well as being attacked by demonstrators.

Following the protests, during which the conference centre and the Philharmonie next door were sprayed with slogans, police were considering pressing charges for vandalism and assault.