Foreigners both more and less educated than Luxembourg nationals

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(CS) Around one third of foreigners in the Grand Duchy have a university education, compared to around 23 percent among Luxembourg nationals, while at the same time more non-nationals were only educated to primary school level.

On the whole it was found in the 2011 census that 19.9 percent of the Luxembourg population did not pursue their studies beyond primary education.

The number was considerably higher among residents aged 85 or over (53.5 percent), compared to citizens aged between 20 and 39 (9.4 percent). However, the percentage was also higher among non-nationals, of which around 24.4 percent were not educated beyond primary school level, compared to 16.8 percent of Luxembourg nationals over all.

The number was highest among Portuguese (45 percent) and Italian (27.6 percent) nationals.

Higher number of university graduates

At the same time, more foreign nationals had successfully completed university studies, with 31.8 percent having pursued higher education, compared to 23.7 percent of Luxembourg nationals.

The percentage was the highest among citizens from the EU27 (66.5 percent), excluding the Greater Region countries Belgium, France and Germany. This was followed by Belgian (62.2 percent), French (56.2 percent) and German (47.5) residents.

Meanwhile the majority of Luxembourg nationals completed their higher education abroad. Some 57.4 percent graduated from a university outside of Luxembourg, with most studying in Belgium (19.9 percent), France (16.9 percent) or Germany (11.7 percent).

Taking into account only postgraduate degrees, such as Master or PhD degrees, the number of diplomas obtained abroad rises to 90.7 percent.

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