First wisdom tooth at 92

Luxembourg resident takes bite out of record books

Ingeborg Wolf-Wimmer, pictured, was 92 when she received her first wisdom tooth
Photo: Private

(KS/JB) A Luxembourg nonagenarian has earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest person to grow a wisdom tooth.

Austrian born Ingeborg Wolf-Wimmer, who lives in the Elysis nursing home in Luxembourg City, was 92 when her dentures began causing her trouble.

Her dentist investigated and was astounded to find that a new wisdom tooth was the source of the problem.

The previous record for the oldest person to receive a wisdom tooth was 80, set by a person in South Africa.

It took Inge's family six months to have the feat recognised by the Guinness World Records. And now it looks as though Inge could beat her own record again as an X-ray has shown she has three more wisdom teeth still in the palate.

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