First same-sex marriage in Luxembourg

Jean Olinger and Henri Huber say 'I do'

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(CS) Jean Paul Olinger and Henri Lorenzo Huber were the first same-sex couple to tie the knot in Luxembourg, with a new marriage law coming into force on January 1.

Olinger and Huber, both in their 60s, are Differdange's trailblazers, also having been the commune's first couple to enter a registered partnership, a so-called PACS.

Despite the public holiday on January 1, the Differdange town hall opened for the special occasion, with mayor Roberto Traversini officiating the ceremony.

In interview with RTL, Traversini said that one other couple was interested in marrying on January 1, but was unable to find a venue for their reception. Two to three further couples are in the process of getting together the paperwork for a marriage licence.

Elsewhere in the country, January wedding dates are also set, with two women to wed in Walferdange on Friday and the first same-sex ceremony in Luxembourg City scheduled for January 16, according to RTL.

Luxembourg MPs earlier this approved a new marriage law, granting the right to marriage, as well as adoption rights, to same-sex couples.