Festival record challenger in Lux

(JB) Music mad biker Greg Parmley cruised into Luxembourg's Rock-A-Field on Sunday for his fourth festival in a 26-music-festival marathon around Europe.

The 36-year-old Brit, who has been a life-long fan of live music ever since he went to Glastonbury as a teenager, was pleasantly surprised by the Luxembourg offering.

He told the Wort: “This is the sunniest festival I've been to yet. I was at Glastonbury on Friday and it was wet. The atmosphere here is awesome. What's amazing about the main arena is that you can see green grass. It's not mud or brown dirt! I'm totally up for it. The main attraction for me is to see Arcade Fire and Elbow. I've seen them before but they are brilliant live. To be honest coming here was a lot about working out a route for me.

"And it's worked out well. Getting up this morning and riding in the sun, it's absolutely amazing. So far Luxembourg has been a joyous thing.”

Greg, who recently took up motorcycling after an epic 2,000-kilometre Vespa voyage around Spain, plans to travel a total 8,850 kilometres on his R1200 R BMW through 13 different European countries while he attempts to set a new world record by visiting 26 music festivals in the space of a month.

The unusual holiday was a natural choice for the young traveller, who is full-time editor of live music magazine IQ and has regular contact with many of the festivals' promoters through his job.

He said: “I go to several festivals every year now. I'm lucky because it's part of my job. I probably got to at least five or six each year. This year will up the average slightly.”

During his Luxembourg stop-over, he will have one break day in which to enjoy the tourist delights of the country, before speeding back to Pennenzakkenrock in Belgium on Tuesday.

Prior to Rock-A-Field, he called in at the UK's oldest festival, Glastonbury, and Hard Rock Calling during the same day before moving on to Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium.

“The two festivals in one day was pretty manic. But, it's so cool to be able to see the rest of Europe like this. I will try to stay off the burgers and chips while I'm travelling," he said.