Félix and Claire - just married!

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(CS) Prince Félix and Claire Lademacher are officially married. The newlyweds and their families met the press outside the Villa Rothschild Kempinski in Königstein im Taunus.

Only close family and friends attended the civil wedding ceremony on Tuesday, just days ahead of the big church wedding in the south of France, for which around 370 guests are expected.

Claire Lademacher stunned in an off-white ensemble, made from wool crepe and lace detail on the top, with capped sleeves and nude heels, carrying a bouquet of Avalanche Platinum roses and white hortensias. Prince Félix chose a classic dark suit with an orange tie, possibly a reference to the House of Nassau, which has close ties to Königstein.

They were met by around 40 photographers and several royal fans when they arrived around 12.30pm.

The ceremony lasted around 30 minutes and was followed by a champagne reception at the Villa Rothschild Kempinski. The bride and groom and their families also posed for pictures before they departed around 2.30pm.

Félix and Claire left the villa driving a 1958 BMW Isetta.

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